The Village Fete

There’s something quintessentially British about summer fetes, and with the annual Midsummer Fete around the corner in Shorwell last weekend, it was only right I popped along for a slice of the British summer, served with some Pimms and country dancing.

I have been influenced in some of my photography by Martin Parr which may show though in a few images. Parr is famous for his saturated, humorous view on British life and I do have some of his shots floating around my head when I photograph things like fetes and shows.

As I’ve mentioned before on the site I’m still very hesitant about photographing people, however fetes and social gatherings are a good environment to help break this as quite often people are preoccupied in other things. Although as my friend James will probably say, people are preoccupied a lot of the time and will pretty much ignore you anyway. James takes some amazing street portraits around London, do look him up.