Storm Imogen at Freshwater Bay

Storm Imogen at Freshwater Bay

Storm Imogen hit the Island Monday morning with the Needles recording gusts of 95mph. Naturally a few trees around the island suffered, and some of the ferries were cancelled, but it wasn’t anything that hasn’t happened before. Seeing that the cloud cover wasn’t a solid grey and could offer some interesting light, plus the fact it wasn’t tipping it down, I popped down to Freshwater Bay – the usual spot for watching storms – to see what was going on.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of other people had the same idea, and had gathered all around the bay to photograph the waves as they hit the sea wall and were duly launched skywards and avoid the sea as it rushed over the sea wall and down into the road. I counted seven photographers – some loaded up with some long zooms to stay safe at the top of the cliff – all targeting the same spot. I’ve watched storm waves down at Freshwater bay many times, and while I do find the power of nature quite astounding, I decided to turn away from the shots everyone else was getting, and photograph something a little different. As the sun was doing it’s utmost to make an appearance though the dark clouds, I aimed for some more ‘atmospheric’ photos. I did get a little wet in the process, but that’s all part of the fun.

Of course a storm wouldn’t be a storm unless it affects your daily routine. After I had returned home, made myself lunch and uploaded the photos, the power went out and didn’t come on again until yesterday evening…

Storm Imogen at Compton Bay - Mike Osborne Photography

Freshwater Bay - Storm Imogen - Mike Osborne Photography

Storm Imogen at Freshwater Bay - Mike Osborne Photography