Back of the Wight


The ‘Back of the Wight’ is an on-going project started in April 2017, to photograph and document an area of the Isle of Wight known locally as the ‘Back of the Wight’.

The ‘Back of the Wight’ is a geographically remote part of the Island, bordered by chalk hills to the north and east, and the English Channel to the south. Primarily rural with agricultural land, the ‘Back of the Wight’ is comprised of a few villages, hamlets and remote farms. The cliffs are constantly battling erosion, but the area does offer some of the most picturesque views on the Island. It is home to the famous Blackgang Chine and Compton beach, as well as a world renowned site for dinosaur fossils.

The project sets out to illustrate life in an area that has hardly changed in hundreds of years, the remotest part of an economically struggling county of England.