Compton Beach

A few photos from a trip to Compton beach at the Weekend.

South Wight Bike Ride

A South Wight lane-bash mini pub-tour on Cyclocross bikes.

Perl Izumi Tour Series

The first round of the Pearl Izumi Tour Series comes to the Isle of Wight.

Tennyson Down & The Marathon

The Isle of Wight in Spring

Back in the Saddle

So, here we go again, back out into the world of photography after a small hiatus.


The two of you who check my site out on a semi-regular basis will have noticed there are some things missing, notably all the galleries and portfolios.

The reason? Focus.

Four Days in Paris

Four Days in Paris I went on a city break with my girlfriend to Paris, despite the less than good weather, we managed a whistle-stop tour of a few of the sights. I tried to stay away from the more clichéd touristy photos, everyone knows what the Eiffel tower looks like, and concentrate more on […]

Fuji X-E1 Review

If you have any interest in cameras, then you will already know about Fuji’s line of mirrorless cameras. Taking styling cues from ‘back in the day’ when things were made to last, Fuji have bought the ‘pro’ 35mm compact camera into the digital era with the X line of digital cameras and lenses.