Isle of Wight Arts Open Studio 2017

This year I’m taking part in the Isle of Wight Arts Open Studio 2017 at Porchfield Village Hall, from the 14th to 16th July 2017

Photographing people

Like a lot of photographers, I find it hard to take photos of strangers.

Isle of Wight Photography

Some photos from out and about on the Isle of Wight over the last few months.

The Love of Film photography

Film photography is experiencing a renaissance. Is this just nostalgia, or can film photography survive side-by-side with digital?

Black and White Photography

Starting the year with some black and white photography on Compton Beach.


A post on a photo from Castlehaven on how I go from the first shot to final picture.

October Photos

I’ve been fairly prolific with photography so far this month, and have started to take more picture while I’m out and about, mainly as an effort to post up things to my Instagram account.

Night Time Long Exposures

Long Exposure photography from Alum and Freshwater Bays under a harvest moon.