Isle of Wight Open Studios 2019

After a year off last year, my girlfriend and I will be participating in the Isle of Wight Arts ‘Open Studios’ on Friday 12th, Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th, Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July at our studio in Shorwell, showcasing our art, textiles and photography. I will have a mini-exhibition of my work, […]

Weekend in Rye

Last weekend my girlfriend and I went to a wedding in Rye, East Sussex . I’d never been to Rye before, but being interested in History, Art History and Architecture it was a welcome surprise walking around the very ancient town. The old cobbled streets and 500 year old houses felt like stepping back in […]

The Needles Rocket Test Site

In September I ventured up to the Needles Rocket Test site to take a photo to enter into the Trip Historic Historic Photographer of the Year. I have to say I’m not really one for entering competitions, but this one appealed to the history buff in me and gave me an excuse to get out […]

A new site

Over the last few months I’ve been busy working on a new project. I’ve created a new website that I’m going to use for my writing. On it I’ll post up essays and thoughts to do with photography, as well as the wider art history, visual culture, photographers and theories. I’ve been reading a lot […]

The Village Fete

There’s something quintessentially British about summer fetes

Isle of Wight in Snow

For the second time in the year the Isle of Wight experienced some snow, so I braved the cold to have a little photo expedition.

Isle of Wight Seascapes

A few photos from Compton and Brook to start 2018 off.

Photography books

Photographic theory is far from dull and boring. It can open up a whole new understanding of photographic practice.