Isle of Wight Seascapes

This morning I woke to grey, flat overcast skies with a bit of drizzle, much like I’ve done for the past few weeks. Occasionally it’s been sunny, but often boring and sunny with no interesting clouds or light. However, I’d made today a day to go out and take some photos regardless of the weather.

After a brief stop at Grange Chine but not being particularly inspired, I headed off go Compton to see if there was anything of interest. Luckily on the way the clouds started to break, and some interesting light came though. There were quite a lot of surfers out, despite the not very clean surf. After a few shots at Compton I popped around the point to Brook as the clouds started to close in again, and took a few long exposure photos which I’m fairly happy with before the rain came back.

Winter is my favorite time to take photos, so hopefully tomorrow the weather plays ball and I can get out again. Anything but rain…