Isle of Wight in Snow

For the second time in the year the Isle of Wight experienced some snow, usually a rare occurrence thanks to being surrounded by sea. However unlike the first ‘Beast from the East’ that saw freezing temperatures for a good week turning everything into an ice rink, this time the (slightly) warmer temperatures gave an inch or two of soft snow but without being too treacherous underfoot. There is always something quite magical and romantic about the snow, especially trees covered in snow which was sadly lacking from the first round of snow a fortnight ago. This and the thankful lack of ice meant I decided to get out and take a few pictures.

I wrapped up in all the Merino I could find and headed up onto the downs behind Shorwell. Climbing up from the shelter of the valley onto Cheverton down the wind suddenly hit with an icy blast. Lots of the snow had been blown off the down, but in places the undulations had caused the snow to drift. Up to 16 inches in some places. I found a nice tree to photograph, but crouched down still for a few minutes the 25mph winds started to push the cold though my many layers, so I decided to retreat back to the safety of Shorwell and a cup of tea. A fortnight ago I thought that’d be the last time we’d have snow until next year, but nature always has a way of surprising everyone.

As an adult the fun of snow does wear thin rather quickly, especially if you have things to do and need to be places. The UK just isn’t as geared up for extreme weather mostly as we don’t get that much of it, but maybe we should embrace things a little more, be prepared and learn to live with a little disruption from time to time?