Isle of Purbeck

Isle Of Purbeck

I rode to the Isle of Purbeck for a friends stag weekend, staying at a campsite just outside the very picturesque village of Langton Matravers. While not that far (only 35 miles) I had made myself a frame bag to carry all my camping equipment, the thought being that this is a “dry run” to other ideas about bike-packing adventures and photo expeditions. The weather was the usual British Summer; blisteringly hot, thundery, windy, wet and cold within the space of two days. I burnt my feet and wish I’d packed a thicker jumper on the same day.

After arriving on Friday evening a thunderstorm rolled up the Channel providing a nice light show as, we walked to the small yet very busy Square and Compass in nearby Worth Matravers. I had one to many of their home-brew ciders, although I also found out that I really like mead.

Saturday was a trip to Dancing Ledge on the Jurrasic Coast, part of an old quarry which despite it’s lack of beach was very popular with climbers and costeering. I declined a dip in the sea, but did go for a little explore around the quarry and watched a few climbers. Unfortunately Sunday was a bit of a washout, so I rode back as fast as I could to keep warm in the rain, getting a little lost in Christchurch at the same time.  The Isle of Purbeck is a very nice part of the world and I think somewhere to re-visit on future bike-packing expeditions.

Isle of Purbeck - Documentry and Landscape photography - Mike Osborne