The two of you who check my site out on a semi-regular basis will have noticed there are some things missing, notably all the galleries and portfolios.

The reason? Focus.

When I first started out taking photos back in the mists of the late 90’s, it was of two things, mountain bikes and landscapes. Since then I’ve attempted to take photographs of almost every genre there is, but never really quite clicking (no pun intended) with any of them. University was as huge eye-opener. While I realise many people don’t see the point of a university education in photography, I found it a huge turning point, not so much in my technical skills as a photographer, but in my understanding of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of photography and I believe that my photography is greatly improved because of it.

After university I found myself not working full-time as a photographer, which I perhaps naïvely, viewed as a stepping stone and it would ‘all fall into place’, but despite what initially appeared to be good leads, life goes on I’ve realised that this may never happen. But, not having to rely on photography for an income I don’t feel pressured to take photos, or push myself to find work. I’m able to dedicate time to photography almost when I want, and now enjoy taking photographs a lot more. Having said that I’ve actually had more photography work in the last few months than I’ve had for years.

Since realising I had the freedom to do what I wanted, I slowly found myself coming almost full-circle, falling back into “landscape” photography, although now I feel I know what I’m doing. At an interview for Falmouth University, I was told I needed to focus my photography. This has stuck with me, and I feel a lot happier concentrating on one area, and am able to take a more considered approach to making and taking pictures. It’s only really now, over four years since I graduated that I feel my work is now “good enough” to be let loose into the wild, although with ever increasing competition, and have now started to see about pursuing this avenue with a little more fervour. Will it make me a lot of money? Probably not, but I have the freedom to do whatever I want, when I want, and not have to rely on other people too much, and just enjoy the simple pleasure of being outside, taking photos and seeing where it takes me.

That’s the reason why we all started isn’t it?