Back in the Saddle

So, here we go again, back out into the world of photography after a small hiatus.

Over the last few months, my day job has been taking up a lot of my time, and as is very often the case, after 8/9hrs sat in front of a computer, I just often want to rest, and so I’ve not been able to dedicate as much time to photography as I’d like. Since Christmas I’ve been busier than I’ve ever been, and while this has been very enjoyable, it’s nice to finally see some end in sight, with a well-earned holiday over the Easter break.

Last summer I reached a turning point. Either stop photography all together, and go back to just taking snapshots every now and then, or actually try and do something with it – not on a particularly large scale, but to start out small and see where it goes. I keep having to remember it’s not like I have no experience in all this. I have around 15 years experience with photography, from cutting my teeth shooting B/W film, into transparencies and medium format, and watching the rise and rise of digital. Photos published, commissions had, a photography degree, although I do sometimes feel that I’m no further ahead than where I was in 2004 when I started to get some interest in my work.

Over the coming months, I’m aiming to almost start again from scratch. I’ve been slowly building up a small portfolio of work of photos that I like, and that I want to take, rather than what I think I should be taking. Once finished, I’m going to put them out into the world and see what happens. If it generates some interest, that’s great, if not, then I have a stock of Christmas presents. The only thing against me is where I live. The Isle of Wight isn’t short on people selling photos, in fact it seems that if you’re not directly involved in the tourist trade, then you’re probably a photographer, and it seem that everyone is selling their own photos of the same places. I am vary aware of this, and rather than just end up being another person selling a print of the sunset over The Needles, I am hoping that my individual style and different approach will set me apart, but it’s now down to giving it a go and seeing what happens.

As for the old blog – That’s dead and buried. I’ve kept up a few of my most interesting posts, but the majority of things haven’t made it past the final cut. I’ll try and keep things update on here, as well as post up some ‘mini-projects’, and to keep track of things over the next 12 months or so. The aim is to stay on target and not get bogged down on any tangents – photo related or not – and aim for interesting posts with some nice photography.