A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods through Brighstone Forest

Last week felt quite autumnal with some very atmospheric weather about. I’ve been trying to get a decent “mist/fog/cloud in the woods” shot for a while, so when I awoke to some very thick fog I decided to head out to Brighstone forest for a little walk in the woods to see what I could get. While I’m still not 100% happy with the below, they’re a lot better than some of my previous attempts. Despite it drizzling, (who needs weather sealed cameras) I somehow managed to get water inside one my waterproof hiking boots, I’m glad I was only a short drive from home so didn’t have to put up with a soggy foot for long.

Relying on the weather to play a large part in what you photograph has it’s downsides, but it does make you a lot more patient. As the nights draw in and the sun falls in the sky then the light will almost be photo-friendly all day long. I love photographing in less than ideal conditions. It can make for a much better and more dramatic photo, but on the other hand it can leave you wet, cold and tired with no decent shots, but that’s still better than being shut in in front of the computer.

I’m still really liking square crops at the moment too…


A Walk in the Woods - Mike Osborne photography

A Walk in the Woods - Mike Osborne Photography

A Walk in the Woods - Mike Osborne Photography