A new site

Over the last few months I’ve been busy working on a new project. I’ve created a new website that I’m going to use for my writing. On it I’ll post up essays and thoughts to do with photography, as well as the wider art history, visual culture, photographers and theories. I’ve been reading a lot more on photography recently alongside other reading I’ve been doing for my Open University course, as well as some of the art history, sociology, and cultural theories that my girlfriend’s been covering on her Masters degree. I’ve also created a ‘library’ page with mini reviews of books that I’ve read and recommend to help others who also have an interest in a deeper understanding around the practice of photography. I’ll also add in affiliate links to Amazon so if you’re interested in a book then do click though to it on there.

There will still be the odd photo here and there, mostly as a critique or review, but I’ll keep this site for my own photography practice, and the other site for more academic (for want of a better word) work.

I’m hoping to post up something every two to four weeks, so please subscribe and check back every so often. The link to the new site is mposborne.com